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A Better Way to Keep Your Growth

Connect your existing engagement data to create predictive affinity maps and take action on your NRR strategy

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Customer behavior affinity map

You have all of the SaaS tools and still struggle with NRR insights

Relevant Customer Segments

Enough with meaningless cohorts! Use AI to find and engage the right customers

Outcome Oriented Insights

Your new customer’s usage looks like your best customers…..who knew? Rabble knows

Suggested Customer Actions

Efficiently decode your strategic next steps with predictive AI skills from Rabble 

Get Actionable Recommendations From Your Engagement Data

Engagement data is the clickstream data created by your SaaS product, website, mobile app and other points of user interaction that you struggle to drive value from today. Your business collects the data using common tools and applications, but takes little action to improve Net Revenue Retention from it. As a strategic SaaS leader you can change this today!

Connect Data Sources To Take Action

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